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h. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. 2009. Preliminary Observations on the Neolithic Settlement Patterns in Central Sudan. SAHARA. Prehistory and History of Sahara. Italy. No.20. P.P. 31-56. (Abstract Only)

i. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. 2009: Neolithic Adaptations and Subsistence Economy in the Middle Nile Region, Sudan. Nile Basin Research Programme Publications. University of Bergen. Norway. 2009. (In English).

j. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. 2010: Neolithic Settlement Patterns and Cultural Sequence of Nubia (Northern Sudan). SAHARA. Prehistory and History of Sahara. Italy. No.21. P.P. 117-140. (In English). (Abstract Only)

K. Es-Sour, a Late Neolithic site in the neighborhood of Meroe. First and second seasons 2005–2006. Between the Cataracts 2. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference for Nubian Studies Warsaw University 27 August - 2 September 2006 . 47-54

L. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. 2011: Defining the Neolithic of the Sudan. Adumatu, A Semi-Annual Archaeological Refereed Journal on the Arab World. Saudi Arabia. Issue No. 23. Jan 2011. PP: 7-40. (In English). Abstract:

Papers presented at conferences (Un-published):

a. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. Nationalist Archaeological Projects in the Northern State: Sudan. Case Study: The Mahas Survey. Presented to the Workshop on the Development of Archaeology and Tourism in Northern State. University of Dongola. Department of Archaeology. 31 Oct. – 3 Nov. 2001. (In Arabic).

b. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. The Neolithic of the Third Cataract Region. Presented to the SAFA2004 Conference. Bergin, Norway. Abstract Presented in Nyame Akuma No. 6. 2004. PP. 50-78. (In English).

c. Azhari Mustafa Sadig and Jamal Jaafar Abbas: The Role of Archaeological Theories and Approaches in the Interpretation of Burials in the Ancient Sudan. Presented to the Arab Archaeologists Union. Cairo. Egypt. 2004. (In Arabic).
e. Azhari Mustafa Sadig. The Neolithic Habitation of es-Sour. Central Sudan. First-Third Seasons: 2005-2007. Presented to the International Symposium. Prehistory of Northeastern Africa - New Ideas and Discoveries. Poznań. Poland. 2007. (In English).

f. In Press: Child-Burials; a Funerary Practice in the Middle Nile Region. Evidence from the Late Neolithic Site of es-Sour. Presented to The 12th International Conference of the Society for Nubian Studies. A conference at the British Museum Sunday 1 August – Friday 6 August 2010.

Un-published Manuscripts:

a. Azhari Mustafa Sadig and Wasil Hassan Elaagip. One Hundred Definitions of Archaeology: Dept. of Archaeology. Khartoum. 1999. (In Arabic).

b. Ali Osman M. Salih and Azhari Mustafa Sadig. Archaeology and Ancient Settlement in the Mahas Region. With Ali Osman. Mohammed Salih. Khartoum. Sudan.2007. (In Arabic).